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Nutri Chunks is a 100% nutritionally balanced and complete dog food that is approved by veterinarians, formulated by pet nutrition experts, and manufactured in an ISO-certified facility.

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Complete and balanced dog food

🐾 With ACTIVBOOST FORMULA, an optimum blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that support your dog's daily energy needs.

🐾 Prebiotics that help prevent diseases, improve digestion, nutrient absorption (especially minerals), and enhance your dog's immune system.

🐾 High-Quality Protein, made with pet grade ingredients and real meat, formulated by pet nutrition experts.

🐾 No Artificial colors and contains only wholesome ingredients.

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Dog Food Standards

🐾 Association of American Feed Control Officials - Accredited

🐾 Defines and establishes regulations for pet food and feed ingredients, as well as sets standards for nutritional adequacy.

🐾 Ensures that minimum standard is met in foods for each stage of dog’s life.

We partnered with PET FOOD Experts

🐾 Over 10 years experience in Pet Food

🐾 State-of-the-art facility; expansion plans

🐾 Major player in Thailand and other markets

🐾 “Human grade” manufacturing process

🐾 With In-house Animal Nutritionist

🐾 With Expert Dog Panelists

🐾 18 Months Shelf-Life

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Dogs and Nutri Chunks



Colors and shapes are not relevant to dogs for food palatability.

No Aritificial Coloring_2x.png

To ensure your furbabies' safety, NUTRI Chunks has no added artificial color.

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