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Don't Forget Playtime!

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Playing with your puppy is sure fun. Though your pupstar is energy filled, they have short attention spans and get easily tired.

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Games should be simple enough to follow. Here are few of them you can try:

Fetch. Use the right kind of toy, it can be a ball or disk. Entice your pup as you tease them with the toy. Start throwing a few feet away, then after successful retrieval, you can throw farther.

Run & Chase. Dogs will find it irresistible to run after and alongside you. After a couple of turns, now try to chase them too.

Bait and Switch. Entice them using food or their favorite toy. Once you get their attention, try letting them jump and follow you around.

Tug-or-war. This game will definitely stimulate your puppy. Contrary to belief that it leads to aggression, it actually makes your pup confident. Use a rope or a rug for them to grab on.

Immediately praise them and reward them with treats. Don’t show your frustration or lose your temper if they don’t get it quickly. These activities are great ways to bond, entertain and exercise with your pup. 


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