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Start improving your paw-rentning skills!


Premium dog food for a worry-free meal time. Give them all of the energy and nourishment they need to continue living life to the fullest with Nutri Chunks Premium Dog Food.


How to choose the right puppy food?

Weaned puppies need the food replacement as nutritious as their mother’s milk. You can actually...

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Feeding guide

Puppies eat frequently but in small quantities. Fix with a feeding schedule so you can also moderate their...

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Transition to Adult Dog Food

Dogs need food specifically designed to their current life stage. The age and breed size...

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Keep Your Pups #ListoGanado​

Supports your puppies’ growth and development with NUTRI CHUNKS Hi-Protein Puppy Lamb. Made with REAL MEAT and all the nutrients they need to grow big, strong and #ListoGanado​.

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