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Feeding guide


Puppies eat frequently but in small quantities. Fix with a feeding schedule so you can also moderate their bowel movement. Key to a healthy and balanced diet is about giving your pup star the right amount of food.


The amount of puppy food depends on their weight. Regardless of the times your puppy eats in a day, it’s the total amount of food he eats in the whole day you should actually account for.

Track and monitor the weight of your pup and adjust food intake accordingly. The development of your pup also depends on their breed; compare their progress to their specific breed chart too. Pay attention if they leave food on their bowl or still appear to be hungry. Do not easily give in to their cuteness even if they have a good appetite, because you might end up overfeeding them. Do not allow your guilt to lead to their obesity. Obese puppies have increased the risk of developing cancer, bone and joint problems, hip dysplasia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and urinary bladder stones.


Giving in when puppies beg for food scraps is highly discouraged. Besides the fact that table food has ingredients that are harmful to them and lack nutritional requirements they need, it is definitely not a test of your love.There are certain human foods that can actually put your pup at risk. Here is a list of food you should avoid:



Sugary food

High fat food





Take into account your dog’s breed, age and weight. You might also consider puppy food that is accessible and affordable. Check out puppy food that can be ordered online, and delivered to your doorsteps. 


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