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Transition to Adult Dog Food


Dogs need food specifically designed to their current life stage. The age and breed size will help you define how long they will reach maturity. This means, large dog breeds need to be older enough to be ready for adult food than small dog breeds. Here is a guideline of bred size and age they can switch adult food:

Small breed – 10 months

Medium breed – 12 months

Large/giant breed – 2 years


Now that you have an idea when to purchase adult dog food, it’s time to decide which adult food to buy. Check first if the brand of your puppy food has a similar formula of adult food. You still want to continue giving your pupstar high quality ingredients and proven performance food. Nutri Chunks for example has variants of adult food you can purchase.

How do I transition my dog to a new food?

Transition from puppy food to dog food should not be abrupt. Slowly introduce them small portions of adult food with their puppy food. For example, mix 25% adult food and 75% puppy food per meal. Then gradually increase adult food to 50%, 75% and 100% for at least every 3 days.


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