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Checklist for Essential Supplies


Choosing puppy supplies is sure fun since there are plenty of options. You can be as creative and resourceful to make them feel special!


Before you start shopping, here is a list of basic supplies you can add on your shopping cart:

Food and water dishes that are made from stainless are the most recommended. Stainless dishes are easy to clean, non-porous and durable material. You can also opt to get a slow feeder dish to avoid the risk of bloating and indigestion.

Crates and beds definitely make them feel cozy and relaxed. It is also a way to train and associate them to their own stuff and spot.

Toys and treats – Surely, your pup will be energetic and curious so be sure to have toys they can chew on and treats to give when playing them

Collars and leash will help you manage your pup while it is still learning to be well mannered.

Stock with grooming kit essentials for their hygiene routine. Make sure to get products and toiletries specifically designed for puppies.

You can add more items, depending on the needs of your pupstar. You can also prepare travel/outdoor kits, and other extra-special goodies and merchandize. 


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