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Get Ready for their First Bath


Grooming your pups is definitely a chore. Puppies may not take bath as frequently as we do, but you need to introduce them early to grooming.


Your puppy can get its first bath around 8 weeks, but if they stink that much, you may give them a soft bath.

Set up where to wash them. Wash them in a sink or tub, a basin works well too since they need to grip onto it. Rubber mats will make it less slippery.

Use lukewarm water. Puppies cannot self-regulate their temperature well. Bath time does not need to be long because you don’t want them to catch a cold.

Go for shampoo and conditioners that are designed for your puppies. Human products are too strong for their delicate skin.

Extra careful when washing their head, and avoid getting soap to their mouth, ears and nose.

Rinse them well and dry them well using a soft towel.

Make it fun and less scary for them. They need to get used to grooming since good hygiene is a huge factor to avoid parasites and fungal infections. 


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