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Make Socialization an Adventure!


As proud paw-rents, we know how much you wanted to show off your pups. But before that, make sure you have successfully trained them to socialize. Let them wander around and stay curious. By now, you will notice that puppies play a lot. Play is as essential as food, so capitalize on play to make training fun and effective.


Take them on adventures to stimulate their brain and body to navigate the world. Don’t do it all at once or you will overwhelm your pup. Prepare short and simple activities every day. Orient them inside your house first, and then gradually perform outdoor activities. Introduce them to a variety of places, surfaces, sounds, scents, people, moving objects, and other animals. Observe how they react to certain stimuli.


As much as possible, make positive associations to these new experiences. You don’t want them to develop problematic behaviors, such as fearfulness and aggression. The goal is to make them feel comfortable, confident and self-reliant to new situations. It's good to remember that nothing beats a well-behaved and sociable pup star!


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