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Vaccinations and Vet Appointments


Raising a pupstar entails a lot of duty; find a veterinarian to assist in looking after their health and well-being. Choose for a veterinarian you can trust and can be easily contacted. Unlike normal patients, animals do not speak. Thus, It is best to seek professional opinion and advice. Once they’re settled in their new home, book an appointment for checkup. Prepare records, notes, and questions you have compiled.


Since your curious pups are sniffing around and tasting different sorts of dirt and other stuff, your vet will require deworming and fecalysis for early detection of parasites and bacteria. This can be done as early as 4 weeks old, and can be repeated every after 3 months.


Visits to the vet include a couple of shots to further secure their health. Vaccines are undeniably crucial to your pet’s health. Vaccines provide additional protection and immunity most especially to weaned puppies. Vaccines contain antibodies and antigens that stimulate the immune system. This way, when exposed to disease, the immune system will recognize and be able to fight it. Vaccines will lessen the severity and transmission of diseases to other dogs and even to humans.

Here are the recommended shots for puppies:


Canine Parvovirus

Canine Distemper

Canine Hepatitis

Optional shots:

Canine Parainfluenza


Kennel Cough


Lyme Disease

Vaccines are administered depending on the age and maturity of the puppy. Some shots are given in series. Dosage also depends on their weight. Not all available vaccines can be administered. Medical history, environment, travel habits, and lifestyle should be taken into consideration. Discuss with your vet which vaccines should be administered, schedule and other protocols. These preventive measures are vital in giving your pupstar the quality of life they deserve. With great love, comes great responsibility!


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