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Welcome to Pawrenthood!


The road to responsible paw-renthood can be overwhelming. Preparing yourselves, your space, and your lifestyle for the new members of your paw-mily is essential to guarantee good health and behavior.


For expecting paw-rents, it is best to do your research.

Take the time to get to know your dog’s breed, health history, traits and personality.

Look for accessible veterinarians and clinics in your community.

Get a planner to help you navigate, document and monitor the journey of raising your pup star!

Get our special planner. Subscribe to PUP STAR.


Subscribe to Pup Star to develop effective PAW-renting skills and become an amazing PAW-rent!


Keep Your Pups #ListoGanado​

Supports your puppies’ growth and development with NUTRI CHUNKS Hi-Protein Puppy Lamb. Made with REAL MEAT and all the nutrients they need to grow big, strong and #ListoGanado​.

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